7th International Congress 
of Coaching Psychology 2017

To bring together the coaching psychology community

Welcome to the home of the 7th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, 2017.

The first International Congress of Coaching Psychology was held in December 2010, London, UK. Since then congresses have been held in South Africa, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Israel, Spain, Sweden and USA hosted by their national psychology professional membership body (or one of its interest groups) or the relevant national coaching psychology society or association. In 2014 the international congresses were held in Melbourne, Australia (13-15 November) and London, UK (11-12 December). They were very well attended and a major success.

The congress in 2015 was hosted by the American Psychological Association, Division 13, Society of Consulting Psychology. They hosted the 5th International Congress of Coaching Psychology in San Diego, California on February, 3rd - 4th, 2015. This historic and exciting event was the first coaching psychology congress to be held in the USA. In 2016 the International Society for Coaching Psychology held a congress on the 26th July, in London, UK. 

The congress events have a key aim of bringing the global coaching psychology community together. The collaborating organisations will promote and hold the congress in their own region. At this current time 14 coaching psychology interest groups from around the globe are collaborating and we will keep you informed as this collaboration grows.

Each participating society has a page on this website where you can find details about their aims and purpose as a society, and of their planned congress events. Watch this space. If you have an interest in the developing field of coaching psychology you are invited to become a member of this website group. You are also encouraged to join your regional coaching psychology body.

The Co-convenors for this ongoing initiative are Professor Stephen Palmer (International Society for Coaching Psychology) and Peter Zarris (Australian Psychology Society Coaching Psychology Interest Group).